Friday, December 30, 2016


I got a new job - realizing after the interview that i'm joining the QSF The Enablers (before this was known as QS First) again. Somewhere back in 2008/2009, i was given a job offer by my aunt. I worked as a surveryor of which i called up outpatients on the phones regarding the services and facilities of the hospital. At that time i was engaging with outpatients mostly from Malaysia.

- And yes! Never knew some calls i did, i had to entertain some stupid poeple on the phone.

Today not only marks a new phase of my life but 2016 had been a roller coaster ride for me. I met so many temporary people and of which my 2 years of friendship with my classmate had goned to the drain and there wasn't anything to pursue in it anymore.

2016 taught me a lot about the importance of fighting for what you believe in! I gotta' say that, we all had decisions that would not promise us for tomorrow - best extend to Kim Russo (Psychic; Medium)

School started in Mid-Oct. First few lessons were okay but it got a little bit troublesome for some of us when it came to group work and some assignments that needed to be done. No kidding! We all got work and schooling part time - a new challenge for me because all those years i'm used to schooling in the morning and working part time in the night.

When i was working in Yong Wen;
There were so many things that i needed to get used to - and most of the changes that happened most of the time would be at work. Their constant changing of policies and expecting more from our department. It was stressful..

But i'm always thankful for having someone like Taufiq to listen to my endless complaints and rants and vice versa i did with him - but i'm not always listening to him as i'm always admiring him; MOST OF THE TIME.

Everyday we would always text one another about work and our lives - it didn't matter where we were at but so long as we shared regarding our lives events, it felt rewarding to have shared stories with one another.

I came to understand that loving someone was not just about caring or putting so much love for him. Sometimes curiosity kills the cat.

And just recently, it had been about a week that i had constantly preassurized him to the core. I didn't know what had gotten into me but i was pretty sure that all i wanted was 100% attention. That insecure feelings were killing me at the edge of my patience. ZERO TOLERANCE!

But it became too pricey for me to continue sulking and demanding things that i shouldn't. I had never been that obsessed with him like that before. However all is well. Alhamdulilah!

So it had been few days since i last resigned from the previous job.

I would begin thinking about my Pops. Wondered if he was doing all fined at work. Times - when he has to go for his lunch - he had the tendency to skip his meal. Sometimes when i had more on my side, i would make sure that he had some of what i had.

Now that i'm no longer working there anymore, i felt more concerned than ever before. 

I vividly remember those days when i met with the accident along the crossroad junction. Pops sprint and in a split second, he was there - right behind me. Ever since i started work with Pops, i learnt that the earnest thing that every fathers would do had always been about sacrificial and determination. That was what i believed in every fathers - their core value - their strength.

Pray the best of 2017 for me that i would do better and be adapted to the new environment and new field that i had applied for. Starting to feel stiffed about this new job..

In sya allah!

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