Monday, April 17, 2017


I haven't been posting quite lately - because my laptop had been conquered by both of my parents (constant access to the internet to watch their Korean & CSI series) - damn that feeling!

I'll just go straight to the point.

I had been having serious conversation with Taufiq and this actually concerned our future together. I had been planning for a simple one compared to his usual assumption without having to put much of a consideration. Eventually that pissed me off and having had to settle the issue, i decided to not pay much attention on it and instead i planned the people around me with certain designation.

I came to a decision where my youngest aunt will don my makeup and a few of them to do my henna while the rest of the family will become the obstacles for the groom. Well that was partially my plan and talking about catering and stuff - still got a long way to go!

However the crucial part is the money $$ - i had not save any yet!

Yikes! (but that's the truth - for now)

I am currently struggling with the income i earned out from my part time job and definitely my school that just started its new semester yesterday (Monday, 17th April).

I've been trying to convince Taufiq that i needn't need a very expensive slash grand wedding because i'm more worried for what comes after that!

We haven't got to talk about our dream house yet (that's the most important thing).

I may deny the fact that i'm not trying to put pressure on him but the truth is that - living in Singapore has always been trying to survive with or without money. Everything's rising and this is too much to take it for us. Urgh!

I clearly could see that Taufiq had been trying to earn more with his part time job while waiting for his license to be released - of which he's not liking very much of the boss and how he manages with his manpower. I know. I understand but i can't help much instead trying to give him some advice.

It's finally time for him to learn the importance of being independent and how crucial it is for him to be able to get along with the co-workers. Simple as saying that he has got to take in changes.

While on my side, i've been thinking of trying to apply a managerial post after my diploma course that ends in less than 1 year and 10 months..

I'd like to try something new instead of being in the customer service line. That sucks big time!

P R E S S U R E !

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