Saturday, April 1, 2017


Promise - 
(assure someone that one will definitely do something or that something will happen.)

I've been through tough times and those of which that i faced were friends. There were some who stood still for me and protected me in many ways. Some had left and gone by the wind. Not a news about them came by. Still i waited for the good old days and i had always hold on to the past. Reminiscing younger days and flashback to the times i made mistakes. I didn't wish that i could turn back time because if it hadn't been for the past or even the so-called promises with people, i wouldn't be here strongly believing that i am better off without them.

I created my own path and my own decisions. I worked on my own two feet and all the strength that i had to continue pushing myself up and forward. I had been independent and every broken pieces i had, i mended it on my own. I couldn't glue back the tiny shattered pieces that were left of me. I took no chances at all but for every time when i tried fixing this 'piece of me', it came crumbling down again..
So there was a period of me being endlessly tired about the fact that my life hadn't been perfect!
I was indeed brokenhearted.
I was brokenhearted not duly to the imperfection of my life instead i was saddened and disappointed of the promises my friends made with me.

At that time and till to this day, i had always thought about it - with regards to my behaviour and attitude - had i been so selfish or arrogant about something and that we had faded away slowly and some that i drew immediate lines between us?
I questioned myself endlessly!

Even to this day - the only person that i had always shared about my problems had always been with Taufiq. I guessed he's not the only person whom i vented at - there are others and who's faithfully and honestly had always been there for me through tough times - my listening ears.

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