Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Welcome to February!

2nd week;
6th: IPC (Inventory Management Module) - Last test
8th: FOL (Fundamental of Logistics) - Presentation
9th: WMH (Warehousing and Material Handling) - Test*

3rd week;
12th: Ikha's Birthday // Family Celebration (Feb Babies Birthday) // Shopping with Kanda
14th-15th: Study Week
18th: Pops' Birthday // Food Hygiene Course

4th week;
20th-24th: Off Days in preparation for exams
25th: First aid Course

26th: Hidayah's Big Day!

I am definitely lost in February.
I don't even know where to begin with!

Seems to me that i've been stressing out a lot on my exams and test as well as the presentation.
Work so far has been good - manageable but wait till complaints and feedbacks come in. Unfair but it's part of the job! *Just keep smiling #positive*

The part time job as a Life Coach; i've met good and funny people. They've been good and that's what i like the most. Compared to my previous job, i guess i'm not really into office kind of stuff - it hasn't been part of my "tai-chi" (favourite/taste). It feels so stuck up! Especially you just gotta' watch over your sayings. Pfft! Can't even show more of what i have in me. I couldn't be free.

Lucky enough my aunt offered me a job as a Life Coach. Loving what i'm doing now!
Got myself a part time job and a part time course (school).

I am beginning to love and starting to like what i'm doing but what pressure me is when my mom starts talking about marriage with me. 2 years and counting down, i'm not even engaged to Taufiq yet. Next month will be his last month of serving his national service after 2 years. He hasn't gotten himself a confirmed job yet! Let alone treating his family to a feast.

I am certainly worried but so long as the both of us are ready and prepared for the long run together, we will definitely take it to another whole new level. After all, my Mom has always emphasize to me about the responsibility after marriage and most importantly the test of fidelity and strength. However not just right now. We don't feel like it's the right time; not just yet!

Someday - in sha allah!

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