Thursday, March 30, 2017


It's already the end of March.
Few things became complicated for me - from what i could tell.

I spot on to the arguments i had with Taufiq and they're mostly about our disagreement. Well mostly that i didn't agree with him - to the extent that i had always been living to such principle the entire of my independent days.

There are things that Taufiq and I still need to be opened up with but that depends if we wanted to. I understand that we still have a long way to go.

In our relationship, i felt that Taufiq had always been the one to give in to my stubbornness.

I know that i am a hot headed person and i think that i am always right when i know that sometimes i could be wrong - like a pinch of salt - but that doesn't mean that i will lower down my ego (it becomes a habit of which i am aware of it).


When i hear stories about other's relationship, i try to not become like any one of them - but like what Taufiq had always reminded me that there's nothing perfect in this world. Even so, there are things that we still struggle with.

I tried to put my faith first and tried to overcome every obstacles. It became harder than i thought but that didn't mean that i would give up this relationship over few things that i wasn't tough enough to handle with.

To those reading my blog and believed that i was venting out my frustration regarding my relationship - you're wrong!

Every each post that i made, it becomes my reflection.

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